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Todd Johnson has been a Location Sound Recordist since 1992.

For the Past 26 years I have been in television, film and video production working as a sound recordist. I do a mixture of travel and work in and around the New York City/ Long Island/ New Jersey/ Conneticut area. It is one of the most challenging areas for sound recording. I have worked on Corporate videos, Industrials, ENG, EFP, Entertainment Shows, EPKs, Poker Tournaments, Sports Features, Large Sporting Events, News Magazines, Network News Programs, Comedy Shows, Documentaries, and some reality shows. I have done thousands of sit down interviews. All of this has taught me the best approach to use in different conditions and situations.

I am am owner/ operator of the latest sound recording gear. I have worked with most of the cameras around from Beta SP to today's DSLRs and the Sony F3, F5,F55, Panasonic Varicams, Canon C300/500s, Red Epic/ Scarlets, Arri Alexas and Amiras. From Cart Based multi-track to run and gun in a bag. I am also there to help the DPs set up lighting and grip equipment. I am not the sound guy who sits down and watches as the Camera people set up. If you are an out of town camera crew who needs a local sound person, give me a call. Contact me for references and to discuss your next project. Thanks.



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